Our Values Our Values

Creating positive impact has always been at the heart of our culture as a company. Our strategic approach really began in 2000, when we rolled out our Social and Ethical Compliance blueprint across our global supply base.

We are committed to working with leading industry eco-communities to further develop our preferred fibre portfolio, and improving industry practices to bring positive environmental and societal changes for our communities.

Our Vision Our Vision

Our vision always has and will always be anchored in People, Passion, and Partnership

People Community Goal

Community Goal

We continuously invest in maintaining a positive impact on the people living and working in ourregional locations. In collaboration with suppliers, our teams strive to develop best practices, drive Ehical transparency, and identify opportunities for positive change throughout the value chain.

In addition, our CSR team and 7 STREAMS Foundation work with factories and brands,

championing projects that make a real difference to impacted communities.

Passion Product Goal

Product Goal

Our passion for innovation is what always drives and motivates us, taking pride in innovating sustainable low impact materials to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

Our innovation team tirelessly works with subject experts and industry consultants to always develop sustainable proposals.

Partnership Environmental Goal

Environmental Goal

As part of our commitment to environmental improvement, we partner with suppliers committed to eco-responsibility and invest in-house environmental practices like waste reduction, ecological protection certifications, chemical and water management, and renewable energy.

Our compliance team constantly assesses and scales up our supply chain with the latest compliance and ethical guidelines to ensure we keep improving and setting the highest standards..

We Are Certified

#FAGL License & Certification


A founder, a vision. And a customer who believed in FIFTH ALLIANCE. That was the beginning. Today FIFTH ALLIANCE is a global company that operates in 6 countries and employs more than 6,150 people.We are one of the few apparel export houses who are listed on Bangladesh Stock Exchange (BSE). FIFTH ALLIANCE is a Proud Member of Bangladesh garments manufacturing and owners association, Bangladesh Garment Buying House Association and listed as a “A” category company with Government of Bangladesh Department of Textiles. We are the only Bangladeshi company which provides multi-country manufacturing, offers multi-products to our customers (woven soft separates, knits, bottoms both denim and non-denim and outerwear).

bottoms both denim and non-denim and outerwear). We boast about our strong design and sales infrastructure across continents, vast manufacturing base across India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam, raw material sourcing offices out of Hong Kong and Changzhou, China.

We are fully committed to quality, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and ethical work practices all the time. We have aggressive modernization and growth plans in each of the country we operate by adding new factories and machineries every year. We are also exploring opportunities in new upcoming manufacturing hubs for setting up factories and expand the production base.

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